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Sith Academy: The Templar Handbook is now available!

This book is written for those who wish to emulate the Ruling Two Dark Lords of our Order by constructing a Temple to their own power, the power of Vril and the glory of the Empire. It is based on the experiences of the Two in willing into existence the first Temple of its kind in this universe – the Black Temple – which is their nexus of power in this world.

In this book, the Dark Lords will introduce many new concepts – words, symbols, rituals, temples and metaphysical notions that will challenge your existing modes of thought. For we have opened a portal through which we are bringing new ways of being to this world – new religion, new language, new magick, new aesthetics, new philosophy, and a whole new age of civilization. And the dark heart of this new civilization will be our Axis of Temples – Temple of the Sith, Temple of Lam, Temple of Dracula, Temple of Demons, Temple of the Shadow, Temple of the Green Dragon, Infernal Temple, Temple of Xoth, Temple of Lucifer, Temple of the Jedi, Black Sun Temple, etc. – that we shall describe herein.

So read on, and learn of things which few in this age dare dream of: the unlimited power of Black Temples, the secrets of their construction, and the dark rites conducted there. Learn to speak the Black Tongue of our kind, and invoke dark forces from beyond. Learn to worship at an altar to your own power, the power of Vril and of the Dark Lords’ Empire. There is no going back, nothing to lose, and no turning the Black Sun from the sky. So join our dark crusade if you dare; the Aeon of the Black Temples begins here!

~The Ruling Two, Imperial Year 5, Month 6 (February, 2016)

To receive additional information about becoming a Templar or attending the Academy, proceed to sithacademy.com and complete the more information form.

Temple of the Sith: Sermon Kit

These items – the hardcover, full color book “Sith Academy: The Path of Power”and the matching altar band/armband – have been charged with the Force power of the Dark Lords and will be signed upon request in our Black Tongue. They are ideal for those who wish to practice and propagate Sithism as expounded by the Dark Lords. Be forewarned that these items are sacrilegious and unholy. They must be kept together, with the altar band wrapped around the Red Star book ever so tightly to contain its Force Power!

Note that If you are a disciple of Sith Academy, you may use these items for Challenge 7, described in your Red Star book, to deliver a video sermon as part of your Dark Lord training. To get an idea of what a Sith sermon looks like, watch some of our sermons at templeofthesith.com or at our Dark Lords Amazon page. Caution: Use these items at your own risk; we offer no other instructions except to learn to master the dark side of the Force by using powerful sermons and rituals that transform yourself, fellow Sith, and the world! To see a video about the Sith Sermon kit, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHUNXqFCUes

Rak am Chod! (Power to you!)

~The Dark Lords of Sith Academy and Temple of the Sith